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  • Director of rugby newsletter: July

    We are now well into pre-season training for the senior sides within the club. The men’s squad are turning out in good numbers to prepare for the new season. The players are working very hard in the summer heat under the head coach, Will Wheeler, and coach, Damo Williams, who have put a game plan together.

    The squad will have the chance to prove themselves and their skills on the field with friendlies on the 18th August against WASPs Amateurs and another friendly against  Milton Keynes on the 1st September. These friendlies are very important for the club and the players to feel prepared for a successful league season ahead. The numbers at training have been very good and we have new playing members at the club who look very promising. I hope you all feel very welcome at Biggleswade RUFC. We are always looking for new players to come in and add to the squad. Please encourage new potential players to come along to training. 

    The ladies team lead by head coach, Jimmy Caulfield, are preparing for their first league game on the 9th September at Langford Road. The recent boot camp for ladies fitness set up by Mel Jones and Zaria Bettles was hugely successful in encouraging new ladies to the club.  Thanks to Barry Macinnes who ran the boot camp sessions with help from club coaches. Big  thanks to Matt Skirving, Andy Burke, Jimmy Caulfield and Will Wheeler. The turnout was awesome with over 100 ladies attending for each of the 6 sessions so hopefully we will have a few new recruits for the ladies team. 

    I am hoping to carry on running the boot camp as I feel it was a great success. It gives something back to the local community and highlights the rugby values of teamwork, respect and hard work to name but a few.  

     Some of the youth teams are back into light training and the main mini and youth season starts in September. From the 2nd September we have a few weeks of training to adapt to the new laws for age groups moving up a year. The minis and youth are vital to the rugby club, bringing in new players at a young age to progress through the age groups to then hopefully play for the first team or maybe play at a higher level. The head of mini and youth, Mark Innes, with the help of Teri Taylor (Minis Rep) and Matt Horgan (Youth Rep) are available at the club to answer any rugby questions you have.

    The club house is coming along nicely with the help of volunteers painting, cleaning and tidying to get ready for the season of great rugby through all the ages. Thank you to everyone that has dedicated their time. I would like to give a special mention to Simon Jarvis for all his hard work ensuring the changing rooms are ready for the players. There has been a lot of work carried out within the club including creating more changing rooms and refreshing the out look of the club. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along and help out. There are many ages groups and teams  at our rugby club but we are one club and must strive to be the best we can be.