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  • Black Horse left in the stalls, as Biggy 2’s gallop to a record win.

    This week Biggy 2’s began their league campaign against the Black Horse. With past results against the old rivals always swaying in favour of the Hertford based pub team, returning captain Liam Price was keen to make a big statement to the league.
    The first ten minutes started strong for the opposition, Biggy 2’s clearly hesitant knowing the strengths of the Black Horse XV. The Biggy defence stood strong after an onslaught through the Black Horse forwards, but after a flurry of drives by the opposition inside the Biggy 22, Biggleswade ran out of defenders on the blind side and the Black Horse were in for a try. With a successful conversion by the opposition, the Biggy 2’s had to regroup and up the focus, intensity and drive if they wanted to bounce back.
    The Biggy 2’s did exactly that. As they began to get in to the game, the team structure was paying off, the forwards were doing the hard yards and opening up the spaces for the backs, and the scrums holding strong, and the Biggleswade defense stood firm. The Biggy 2’s confidence was growing in the game, and this confidence was converted into points when Tom Anderson on the wing was given the smallest of spaces to work with.  After breaking the first couple of tackles he outpaced even the speedy Black Horse no.9 to the line for Biggleswade first try. Waide Allen, although tight to the touch line, converted to bring the game back level.
    With confidence flowing in both attack and defence, Biggleswade pushed once again for the Black Horse line. The back row partnership of Michael Haddow, Sam Watson and Jake Devereux sucked in Black Horse defenders, the lightning feet of Luke Gadsby danced around the big Black Horse forwards, and Del Tribbeck linked up with his centre partner Tom Seabrook to put Biggy over the gain line time and time again.  With the fresh legs of Kit coming on from the bench just before the half and making his statement in the tackle area, rucks and open play it gave Biggy the extra rush of brute force they needed.
    Although Black Horse regrouped going into the second half, Biggleswade’s morale and determination applied more pressure on the opposition. The front row of Liam Price, Matt Cowley and Mike Barker showed excellent ball handling skills that opened up the Black Horse defensive lines, with one pass from Matt C allowing Ben H to step around the opposition winger and cross the line, but was sadly disallowed as the pass was deemed to be forward.
    Biggleswade continued to apply pressure on the Black Horse defensive line, and with a tiring opposition pack, gaps were beginning to appear that the second row partnership of Slawek and Shaun took advantage of. This opened the way for Biggy 2’s try where an outstanding solo effort from Del T opened up a lead. Black Horse tried to regain control of the game, winning a number of penalties and playing a territorial kicking game, however a few missed kicks brought fullback Will Roake into the fold who continuously ran the ball back at the opposition. Biggleswade’s third try came from the relentless pressure put on Black Horse by the exuberant confidence of the Biggy lads. Luke G supported the Biggy forwards to be on hand for an offload which he followed up with a calm sprint to the line leaving even the quickest of Black Horse’s players in his wake.
    Black Horse did come close to a second score, a strong drive down the field off the back of a couple of Biggleswade penalties put them on the Biggy 5m line. Tackle after tackle the Biggy defensive line stayed strong, with individuals putting their bodies on the line. There was a light hearted moment where Jake Deveraux was bowled over by the oldest man on the pitch at 58 years of age, and his brother Tom A keen to mock him for it. The pressure continued and resulted in the big Black Horse forwards crossing the line, but a huge defensive effort by Tom A and Matt C ensured that the attacker was out of play before touching down the ball. Biggy capped off the dominating team performance with another outstanding effort coming from the second row, Shaun Mundy who broke numerous tackles to power his way over for an (alleged) 40m run to the try line.
    An excellent team performance by Biggy 2’s, and a testament to the resilience of the club after a tough preseason.