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    PLEASE NOTE : No Dogs allowed on any grassed areas of the club including all pitches.


    Biggleswade Rugby & Associated Clubs
    The Clubhouse,
    Langford Road,
    Biggleswade SG18 9RA
    01767 312463

    Committee contacts

    Chairman, Dave Tysom, Chairman@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    President, John Thoday, President@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Vice chair, Graham Horgan, Vicechair@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Director of Rugby, Andy Claypole, DOR@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Head Coach, Will Wheeler, HC@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Membership co-ordinator, Charlotte Tysom, membership@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Treasurer, Peter Richards, Treasurer@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Ladies Head Coach, Jimmy Caulfield, LadiesHC@biggleswaderugby.co.uk ,
    Bar and Functions, Sam Cox, barandfunctions@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Kit Store, Wendy Horgan, kitstore@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Safeguarding, Sandie Mulligan, safeguarding@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Minis Teams, Mark Innes & Teri Taylor, minis@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Fundraising, Melanie Jones, mel@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Minifixtures, Mark Innes & Teri Taylor, minifixtures@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Youthfixtures, Mark Innes & Matt Horgan, youthfixtures@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 16s, Matt Horgan, U16@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 15s, Dave Yates, U15@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 14s, Damian White, U14@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 13s, Matt Skirving, U13@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 12s, Ian Robinson, U12@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 11s, Andy Claypole, U11@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 10s, Jimmy Caulfield, U10@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 9s, Graham Place, U9@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 8s, Ross Taylor, U8@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 7s, David Neale, U7@biggleswaderugby.co.uk
    Under 6s, Teri Taylor, U6@biggleswaderugby.co.uk

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